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Haitian Jupiter II Series Second generation of our energy saving two-platen-solution

Since its Introduction, the energy-saving two-platen Jupiter Series were sold nearly 500 times. The second generation has been developed in line with our customers and their requirements. The new Jupiter II Series is obviously improved, much steadier, more safety and dependable. And perfectly suitable for producing products with large mold capacity, such as garbage can, household appliance, auto parts, logistic container, and large-scale tray.

High precision:
Parallel lock nut operation

Ensures fast and accurate response.

High Rigidity:
Large moving platen

Ensures high platen rigidity during movement with increase mold weight loading. Reduced platen vertical movement for long core molds.

More flexibility:
Reverse mounted ejection plate

With the flexibility for optional longer strokes.

Parallel Movement:
Four short stroke mold break cylinders

For accurate mold height control with closed loop position feedback, ensures the mold is clamped with parallel movement.

Low Friction:
High precision guiding mechanism(except the injection unit of 8400KN)

For perfect screw guidance.

Independend movements:
Highly rigid injection unit guidance(except the injection unit of 8400KN)

Which is separated from the screw guidance for complete independence of injection movement.

Quick change:
Easy screw/barrel removal (except the injection unit of 8400KN)

For a quick changeover.

Innovative Drive System
Patented servomotor to gear pump design

The direct drive connection between the servo-motor and the gear pump provides excellent drive torque giving maximum acceleration and deceleration speeds for all machine functions.

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High Response:
New 75 kW and 110 kW

Servo drive units for higher response and simplified hydraulic system.

Software & Control
Latest Technology from KEBA

The Jupiter Series is equipped in standard with
KEBA 2580.

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Machine sequencer

Flexible programming of machine sequences

Set up units

Selection for each movement and each setting

Energy consumption in kWh/kg

With electrical device for measuring „real“ energy

Production Overview

Production analysis per shift

Cylce Analysis

Optimised cycle time by analysing each individual time