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Haitian Mars II Series Second generation of our energy-saving servo-hydraulic bestseller

Since its Introduction, the energy-saving Mars Series were sold more than 120,000 times. The second generation has been developed in line with our customers and their requirements. Over 100 test units of Series II at more than 20 customer bases were already installed 1-2 years before launch.

High Energy-Saving:
Innovative Mars Technology

Highly optimized servo-hydraulic technology, with improved efficiency for lower energy consumption.

More Efficiency:Redesigned toggle kinematics

Optimized clamping unit provides lower energy consumption and faster movements for reduced cycle times.

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High Rigidity: Optimized platen design using FEA software

Fixed platen with centralized force loading and less platen flexing. Redesigned moving platen providing centralized force distribution from the toggle system to the mold. The result: higher rigidity and stability.

Longer Lifetime:
New graphite-steel-bushings

Providing better lubrication and lower lubrication consumption. A smooth operation leads to longer lifetime of the clamp. Less maintenance required.

Reduced Dry Cycle:
Faster clamping movements

Due to new toggle design with optimized kinematics.

Take 200-ton clamping unit for example
Vm: Moving speed of movable platen
Vo: Moving speed of oil cylinder

More Precision: New performance with twin injection cylinder design

The rigid one-piece injection base supports the common slide rail for injection and screw movements.

Innovative Drive System
Patented servomotor to gear pump design

The direct drive connection between the servo-motor and the gear pump provides excellent drive torque giving maximum acceleration and deceleration speeds for all machine functions.

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Large Variety:
Own engine manufacturing site

Servo motors ranging from 7.5 kW to 100 kW are specially designed to meet the high demands of the plastic injection molding machine process requirements.

Repeatable Accuracy:
Drive controller from KEB

The European servo motor controller from KEB is matched to the drive motor for optimal efficiency and repeatable accuracy.

Software & Control
Latest Technology from KEBA

The Mars-Series is equipped in standard with
KEBA 1075 or optional with KEBA 2580.

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Machine sequencer

Flexible programming of machine sequences

Set up units

Selection for each movement and each setting

Energy consumption in kWh/kg

With electrical device for measuring „real“ energy

Production Overview

Production analysis per shift

Cylce Analysis

Optimised cycle time by analysing each individual time

Mars II Series:
Standard Equipment 600-10,000 kN

The standard equipment with all its usual market features.

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Mars II Series:
ECO Pack 600 - 5.300 kN

The economical “ECO” version for simple applications.


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Mars II Series:Universal Pack 600 - 10.000 kN

UNIVERSAL version for technically more complex standard applications.

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