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Zhafir Venus II Series
Second Generation of our all-electric solution

Since its launch in 2007, we have performed over 2,000 mold applications with the Venus and have gained valuable feedback from a number of customer interviews. Since the development began on the generation 2, we have placed field test machines with customers worldwide and have very carefully analyzed these prototypes regarding performance, flexibility and usability. The result: high dynamic, cost-efficient and more customer oriented than ever.

High Acceleration & Speed:
The new design of the injection unit

is more compact. A reduction of single components bring more stability and dynamics in the injection movement.

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Easy maintenance:
The swivelling injection unit

allows quick change of screw and plastication components and shorter set up times. 

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Matching of the servo motor

and servo drive enables further improvement of the acceleration rate and utilization of renewable resources, realizing energy saving.

More Stability:
Optimized toggle design

The redesigned 5-point-toggle-system increases the platen intensity, reduces platen inertia and joint stress.

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Fast Setup Times:
The encoder on mold height adjustment

decreases the setup times during mold changes. 

Quick Mold Removal:
The ejector rapid release coupling

decreases the mold change times. The ejector rapid release coupling allows an ejector bolt connection within 30 s

High Precision:
The twin ball screw

for the ejector balance speed and torque for high acceleration and precision. 

Software & Control
Latest control technology from SIGMATEK

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Mold protection function

with 2 steps in standard.

Integrated set up

for pressure and speed for Power Pack.

New flexible core sequence

New production screen

Dual ejector

for seperate handling of material or products.

Programmable I/O functions