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Zhafir Zeres Series
We extend electrical options

Discover new ways but on a familiar territory by using the advantages of electric injection-molding technology in areas traditionally associated with hydraulic machines. The Zeres Series, identical in construction to the Venus II Series, offers an integrated hydraulic system so that the customers can select the solution that’s best for them, depending on their preferences and parameters.

High Acceleration & Speed:
The hydraulic carriage

provides high pressure for mold contact with more speed.

The nozzle touch pressure and moving speed can be adjusted on the control unit with a two-steps-setting.

Increased flow & pressure:
Two integrated hydraulic core puller interface

are installed on the moving platen and provide more flow and an increased pressure compared to external power pack solutions.

Pressure and flow are adjustable on the control unit.

Dynamic & Efficiency
The twin ejector cylinder

for the ejector balance can keep ejector back pressor during all cycles. The ejector rapid release coupling allows an ejector bolt connection.

More stability:
Optimized toggle design

The redesigned 5-point-toggle-system increases the platen intensity, reduces platen inertia and joint stress. This delivers an optimized speed curve and reduces dry cycle times.

Software & Control
Latest control technology from SIGMATEK

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Mold protection function

with 2 steps in standard.

Integrated set up

for pressure and speed for Power Pack.

New flexible core sequence

New production screen

Dual ejector

for seperate handling of material or products.

Programmable I/O functions